Manicure & Pedicure

Getting a pedicure is one of the best treatments for your feet. A pedicure makes your feet look cleaner and prettier, also keeps the nails trimmed and feet free. The cleansing action and moisturizing properties help you maintain baby feet, keeping your feet look gorgeous all the time.Accepting a professional pedicure gives you a set up together, cleaned appearance, however, it additionally advances:

  • Reduce visible signs of maturing
  • Plump your skin
  • Increment blood circulation
  • Lessening chance of contaminations
  • Relieve stress
  • Makes you feel refreshed and confident

With a guarantee to quality items, fantastic service, and making this time the best part of your day, our beauticians will spoil you enough that you’ll walk out feeling prepared for anything that comes to your direction!

Kick up your heels and enjoy a spa staple. Your feet will be polished and massaged to pretty perfection. Pedicures are a fantastic gift idea for anyone looking for a quick fix. Healthy nails and feet are the cornerstones of spa culture, after all, so book a treatment today!

We offer services like

A foot smoothing treatment, shaping and polishing of nails to perfection with chip-resistant polish.

This restorative men’s treatment begins with a contouring of nails and cuticles, followed by a foot and lower leg massage and nail buffing.

Manicure £15.00
French Manicure £17.00
Gelish Manicure £28.00
Spa Pedicure £30.00
Spa French Pedicure £32.00
Rejuvenating Pedicure

A luxury spa pedicure with thermal booties for deeper penetration of cream, improve circulation and sooth stiff joints

Callus Peel £8.00
Parrafin Treatment

Helps with arthritis, pain in joints & aches. Also hydrates and moisturizes the skin

Re-varnish Hand/Feet £7.00/10.00
Gelish nail    Hand/Feet £20.00
Gelish Removal £10.00

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